• How to Have an Impactful Day

    What can an impactful day that lasts long into the future look like? Imagine you’ve stumbled upon a few seeds scattered on the ground, where you’re presented with two choices: 1. you can pick up the seeds and throw them in an open space for a bird to snack on, or 2. you can plant a tree with thos... View Post
  • Does the Internet Have a Carbon Footprint?

    More than we’d like to admit, a lot of things around us (that we don’t necessarily realize) have a carbon footprint—and we use them every day. While the carbon footprint of our smaller actions may seem insignificant, being aware of their existence is a crucial part of reducing our overall carbon ... View Post
  • Why Wish-Cycling is an Issue

    Wish-cycling is the process of throwing questionable items into the recycling bin—like tossing that greasy pizza box into the recycling bin; you’re not too sure it’s clean enough to be recycled, but what harm can it do? Well, more than you might think—wish-cycling can actually produce more waste. View Post
  • 5 Advantages of Living Close to Nature

    The idea can be mental or physical. But what does it mean to live close to nature? No one ever really defines that—they just say you should. So here’s our attempt.

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  • Why 250% Reclaimed Matters

    At Impact Snacks, we reclaim more emissions than we produce. Can you guess how much more? We're sharing our not-so-secret formula for reclaiming our carbon emissions. View Post
  • 7 Reasons a Plant-Based Diet is Good For You and The Planet

    Emissions from our food supply chain abound. A plant-based diet can help both you and the planet.

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