5 Advantages of Living Close to Nature

Living close to nature is almost a way of life. Here’s why it matters.

The idea can be mental or physical. But what does it mean to live close to nature? No one ever really defines that—they just say you should. So here’s our attempt.


What Does It Mean, and Where?

Living close to nature can be a 10-minute walk from some open space, plants or trees, or simply less concrete. You have the power to decide how close you live to nature every day. Regardless if you have a garden out your backdoor, or a quarter-acre lot in the middle of a metropolis, living close to nature is as easy as shifting your mindset.

If you walk through your neighborhood park every evening, then you live close to nature. 

If you have a studio apartment with some potted plants, then you live close to nature.

If you have a snowball fight or cross-country ski, basking in the cold crisp air of winter, then you live close to nature.

The idea that you have to live in the country, away from everyone, is outdated. It’s not possible for everyone on this planet to live on 5 acres with no views of their neighbors. There’s 7.8 billion of us

So no matter where you live, here are 5 benefits to living close to our planet with your body and mind.


1. You Have Better Mental Clarity

Many studies show how living close to nature is good for mental clarity. But just think about when you need to relax your mind—truly relax, not turn on the TV and zone out—a walk outside, in nature, generally does the trick.

That’s because humans were born in nature, and it’s where we revert back when we’re going through hard times. 

When you live near nature and you are able to get outside often, you experience less moments of mental exhaustion. You already have a mental storage of outside happiness due to nature. So you’re better relaxed, focused, and have increased clarity. And clarity brings happiness.


2. Less Stress and Pollution

There are so many pollutants that come with living in the city. Noise, air, lights. And pollutants cause stress. While it isn’t possible to totally escape them if you live in a big city, a park, a garden, or a house full of plants can ease the weight on your soul.


House plants

▴ Plants serve as a natural way to purify the air in your home.


3. It’s Good for the Planet

If living close to nature is good for people, then it’s good for the planet when we do it too. When we feel close to something, we care about what happens to it. We pollute less, we’re mindful of our waste, we pay attention. Or you can be like this guy. Pro tip: don’t be like that guy.

Living close to nature means you care when concrete is poured. Less concrete is good for us and the planet. Earth doesn’t want to be covered over with concrete (which is also one of the biggest polluting industries in the world).


4. Feel Accomplished, Produce Your Own Food

Grow a garden. Fresh natural food.

There’s something primal about picking something you grew and eating it right there. People often refer to eating meat off the bone when they talk about primal eating. But it’s equally true of picking an apple, a cucumber, or a tomato. It’s raw. 

You also get out, feel the dirt and tend the land. It reminds us of simpler times. You feel a sense of accomplishment, and it’s beautiful to see the literal fruits of your labor grow in front of you. If you don’t have a green thumb at first, that's okay. A good chunk of us don’t. Pssst...there’s a whole subreddit dedicated for you.

And if gardening isn’t for you, it’s cool. Some people simply don’t have an interest in it. Just find your calling that gets you outside. 


Tomato Plants

Garden-frown tomatoes make for an excellent caprese salad.  


5. Active Lifestyle

If you live close to nature, you likely spend more time outside. Earlier we defined living close to nature as being within 10 minutes walking. That could be extended to 20 minutes if you’re already active. But if watching Netflix is your idea of leisure, then 10 or less is simply better for motivation. 

There’s lots of ways to get your heart rate up. Kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking, are all good ways. And you save on gym memberships. Also, when you’re out on the trail, some Impact Snacks bars are great to have on hand.

If you want to live around nature, it’s possible. At the end of the day it’s your mindset that triumphs all. You can move somewhere a bit more open, plant a garden, or badger your city like Leslie Knope until you get a park nearby—but take our advice and don’t wait for governments to budge before you get outside.



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