Creator of Positive Change: Nate Sengmany

Name Nate Sengmany
Where are you from? Sacramento, CA


Tell us a little about you!

I’m from the country of Laos but born in Thailand. (Southeast Asia has major plastic issues even in my home village in Laos hence why I fully support Impact Snacks fully). I’m 38 and I have a 14 year old daughter and we both love the outdoors! I run a recreational therapy company named Hike & Hit. We lead guided adventures to various places that involve a voluntary workout once we reach the peak or final destination. Workouts vary from dynamic, boxing, yoga, breathing, etc.


What small thing are you doing to create change?

First I focus on myself and make sure I’m open minded so that I may continue to learn and grow. I advocate mindfulness and lead by example. I support and promote any endeavor that advocates positivity, equality, health, and helps make this Earth a better, safer, and greener place to live. I utilize all of my platforms to do so.


Where do we as a society need to change the most?

Communication and mindfulness.


What do you personally think you could be doing better? How do you plan on getting better?

I believe I can better use certain outlets to help spread awareness and positivity to others such as YouTube, podcasts, etc. I also believe I can do better at dedicating a slot of time weekly to read and learn more about how I can improve as a person. I will schedule this time weekly moving forward.


What makes you hopeful for the future?

First off, I always have hope. I am able to see the good in most people and situations rather than focusing on the negative. Doing so allows me to see hope for the future.


Which team are you?

Team Iced Caramel Latte
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