10 Date Ideas that Won’t Hurt the Planet

Spending time with your partner and doing small things to show your love doesn’t have to be tough on our ecosystem or your wallet. Rather than buying last-minute grocery store flowers or jetting off to a far-away destination, try an activity that will be kind to the planet instead.


If you love the Earth as much as you love your significant other, or just want to make some small changes to help the planet and earn some brownie points, here are some helpful tips.


1. Volunteer at the Animal Shelter

Animal shelters often depend on extra help from volunteers and charitable donations. Try volunteering on a trial basis, and if you enjoy it, make it a tradition you can do together.


2. Plant a Seed 

Schedule a planting date where you pick a seed from a local plant nursery, plant it together, and then watch it flourish and grow along with your relationship.


3. Host a Zero Waste Picnic

Visit the local farmer's market with your partner for fresh fruits, veggies, and locally baked bread to have a picnic in the park or your living space if it's cold where you are. Bonus- buy a potted plant while you’re there for some added greenery.


Photo by Tim Collins on Unsplash


4. Plan a Small Business Date

Make the entire date about supporting small and local. Research small businesses in your area using this directory. If they’re not currently open, consider buying a gift card (they go a long way for small owners right now!) or bookmarking them for the future.


5. Get Moving

Commit to a morning or afternoon exercise class together. We recommend supporting small yoga studios and instructors in your community or joining an online class if you and your significant other are long-distance.


6. Spend Time Outdoors

Spending time outdoors can lead to significant health benefits including reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and increased mental clarity. Depending on the climate where you live, we recommend hiking, ice skating, biking, or simply walking through nature. Bonus- bring your snacks and drinks in reusable containers to ensure you stay fueled throughout the day.


Photo by Timo Stern on Unsplash

7. Donate & Thrift

Fast fashion is out of style; make a date out of donating your old clothes and picking up a few new items at the thrift store together. There are plenty of vintage and second-hand shops that carry unique pieces for far-less harm to the planet and your wallet. Playing it safe during covid? Check out ThredUp for an online version of thrifting.


8. Visit a Museum

If permitted in your area, art and historical museums are a fantastic source of conversation and inspiration for you and your partner. Looking to stay home? The Louvre and The MET are open for virtual online exhibitions. For extra points, visit and support a local artisan gallery.


9. Netflix & Chill?

Spend a cozy night in watching movies and playing board games. If you can’t be with your partner right now, we recommend using Netflix Party or Backyard.co.


10. Cook a Meal

Whether you make homemade pasta or order takeout from your local restaurant, we all love food. This homemade Vegan Cacio e Pepe Pasta is one of our favorites!


Bonus to do throughout:

  • Walk or take public transportation to your date spot
  • Wear a sustainably sourced outfit (look cute and help the Earth while you do it)


Overall, these small actions can add up to making a big difference to our ecosystem. So next time you’re thinking of that special someone, skip the drugstore chocolates and try one of these ideas instead!


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Article by Impact Snacks Contributor, Rebecca Erlich


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