How to Have an Impactful Day

What can an impactful day that lasts long into the future look like? Imagine you’ve stumbled upon a few seeds scattered on the ground, where you’re presented with two choices: 1. you can pick up the seeds and throw them in an open space for a bird to snack on, or 2. you can plant a tree with those seeds and create a home for countless birds in the future. Which option do you think has the longest-lasting impact? It’s the latter! Regardless, we’ll sprinkle in some short-term options first—then move into some other long-term ways of making an impactful day last. Psstt...The fact that you’ve even clicked on this article is a great start. :) 

Short-Term Actions To Add Impact To Your Day

If you’re constantly worried about the state of the world (first, don’t worry, we can totally relate), you may have frantically searched for some quick call-to-action movements in the face of injustice. These call-to-action items can be petitions, protests, and emailing/calling your representatives: which are all very important steps to take. And it’s important to note that these actions do not have to be done whenever you find something troubling on the news- you can sign petitions, organize protests, and email/call your representatives at any time. Here are some tips on taking action:



Petitions are a speedy way to gain support on a specific issue. They can be easily shared across different platforms and have specific categories that outline intricate problems around the world: Environmental Protection, Environmental Justice, and Climate Change. You can even create your own petition around an issue you’re learning about (that may currently not have a petition yet!).



Attending or organizing protests is an excellent way of reaching individuals you may not normally reach on your platform. Some people may turn off the news when an issue doesn’t affect them directly; however, a protest nudges the idea that injustices do existand that movements need awareness & allies. 


Call or Email Your Representative

This is incredibly important. Remember, your representatives represent you: so, if they are working against what you stand forlet them know. Some helpful information to include when contacting your representative is informing them that you are in their district and therefore their constituent. They’re always fighting for your vote, so make sure you let them know if they aren’t representing you adequately. 


climate justice now

▴ Demand change from your representatives


BadA** Long-Term Actions That Will Make Your Impactful Day Last

While short-term actions are sooooo important, they are often scattered amongst countless issues that truly require fundamental structural change. We should certainly sign petitions, attend protests, and contact representatives whenever possible, but what comes after that? Well, we’ve got a few ideas.

Think about your environment. Like your immediate environment- the area you have the power to change directly. Is that your workplace? Maybe you’re a chef, and you insist on encouraging your restaurant to use local ingredients that cut down the carbon dioxide emissions from transportation. Or perhaps you’re an artist, and you switch from resin to water-based art. Perhaps you write articles (for a really cool brand), and you use a search engine that plants trees whenever you research a topic. Or maybe you’re a student, and you can make an impact at your school: you can request environmental education field trips or more environmental courses. You can even create an Environmental Justice Club dedicated to making the school’s practices sustainable while also organizing local protests. 

Whether it’s at home, work, school, or really anywhere- building sustainable foundations can make driving a change so much easier. At home, if you choose to live a zero-waste lifestyle, you are not only protesting against wasteful corporations every day, but you’re also supporting companies that have sustainable initiatives at the forefront of their practices. At work, if you choose to make your tools as sustainable as possible- other companies will feel inspired to follow your lead, and the product/service you are offering every day will have a healthier environmental impact.

Each of these steps are the drops of water and rays of sunlight that keep the trees growing. You’re not alone in this movement—let us know how you are changing your environment to be more sustainable in the comments below! 


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Article by Impact Snacks Contributor, Ava Tajally

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