• How Greenwashing Pumps More Microplastics Into The Environment

    Many companies claim to be making eco-friendly changes to their business and packaging. But do these greenwashing claims just worsen the microplastic problem?

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  • 5 Gen Z Activists Making a Climate Positive Impact

    It's no surprise Gen Z is making waves in the technological, business, and environmental world. Gen Z activists are known for being driven, hardworking, and determined to make a change - this particular generation stands out in the fight against climate change.

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  • 7 Sustainable Habits to Adopt in 2021

    So, you want to start living an eco-friendly lifestyle, but you’ve heard it’s expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient? Think again. Living a more sustainable lifestyle can not only be less expensive than your current lifestyle but can ultimately make your life easier as well. 

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  • Which is more sustainable, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate? The answer may be bittersweet.

    As Valentine’s Day approaches, you should start thinking more about chocolate; not in a “give me some Godiva” way, but more in an “I want to be better informed than just accepting what the industry wants to tell us” sort of way.

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  • 10 Date Ideas that Won’t Hurt the Planet

    Spending time with your partner and doing small things to show your love doesn’t have to be tough on our ecosystem or your wallet. Rather than buying last-minute grocery store flowers or jetting off to a far-away destination, try an activity that will be kind to the planet instead.   If you love ... View Post
  • Creator of Positive Change: Nate Sengmany

    I’m from the country of Laos but born in Thailand. (Southeast Asia has major plastic issues even in my home village in Laos hence why I fully support Impact Snacks fully). I’m 38 and I have a 14 year old daughter and we both love the outdoors! View Post