• 5 Advantages of Living Close to Nature

    The idea can be mental or physical. But what does it mean to live close to nature? No one ever really defines that—they just say you should. So here’s our attempt.

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  • Why 250% Reclaimed Matters

    At Impact Snacks, we reclaim more emissions than we produce. Can you guess how much more? We're sharing our not-so-secret formula for reclaiming our carbon emissions. View Post
  • 5 Habits to Help You Avoid a Mid-Afternoon Energy Crash

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  • How to Spot & Avoid Greenwashing

    If you’re not familiar with greenwashing, allow us to explain. It’s essentially when companies market their products as sustainable—when they really aren’t. Keep reading to learn how you can spot greenwashing from a mile away. View Post
  • 5 Reasons to Start Eating Impact Snacks

    Aside from being absolutely delicious, our superfood bars are a great addition to any workday or adventure. Need a reliable source of energy that’s good for you and the environment? We’ve got you covered.  View Post
  • A Guide to Sustainable Grocery Shopping

    Being a conscious consumer means making purchasing decisions that positively impact: so the next time you go shopping, consider where your money goes, who you are supporting, and what this means for the environment. View Post