• 7 Sustainable Habits to Adopt in 2021

    So, you want to start living an eco-friendly lifestyle, but you’ve heard it’s expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient? Think again. Living a more sustainable lifestyle can not only be less expensive than your current lifestyle but can ultimately make your life easier as well. 

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  • 10 Date Ideas that Won’t Hurt the Planet

    Spending time with your partner and doing small things to show your love doesn’t have to be tough on our ecosystem or your wallet. Rather than buying last-minute grocery store flowers or jetting off to a far-away destination, try an activity that will be kind to the planet instead.   If you love ... View Post
  • Easy Ways to Add More Plants to Your Diet

    Considering a plant-based diet, or simply adding more plants to your current diet, can be a bit overwhelming. Maybe you are worried about a lack of protein, healthy fats, or even vitamin B12. You could be nervous about what this new way of eating will mean for your Chipotle runs, and your Friday pizza nights. View Post