• Why Wish-Cycling is an Issue

    Wish-cycling is the process of throwing questionable items into the recycling bin—like tossing that greasy pizza box into the recycling bin; you’re not too sure it’s clean enough to be recycled, but what harm can it do? Well, more than you might think—wish-cycling can actually produce more waste. View Post
  • Why 250% Reclaimed Matters

    At Impact Snacks, we reclaim more emissions than we produce. Can you guess how much more? We're sharing our not-so-secret formula for reclaiming our carbon emissions. View Post
  • Sustainable Kitchen Products that Help Reduce Waste

    Are sustainable alternatives for the product you’re looking for still tricky to find? To save you some time, we’ve gathered up some neat products that can make your kitchen a little more eco-friendly. View Post
  • A Guide to (Properly) Recycling

    Did you know that you can't recycle a smoothie cup the same way you recycle a can of tomatoes? And that pizza box you've been "recycling" is really just wish-cycling? Let's dive into the impact of each material when recycling.

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  • How to Spot & Avoid Greenwashing

    If you’re not familiar with greenwashing, allow us to explain. It’s essentially when companies market their products as sustainable—when they really aren’t. Keep reading to learn how you can spot greenwashing from a mile away. View Post
  • How Much Has Covid-19 Affected The Planet?

    At this point, we don’t need to exhaust the ways in which Covid-19 has changed our lives. (Anyone want to hop on a Zoom call?) But it has, in a number of different ways, affected the environment for good and bad. So how much has Covid-19 affected the planet? Let’s take a look. When talking about... View Post