We’re trying to change the way people look at single-use products by making everyday snacking sustainable.

Corey Nobile

Corey Nobile

CEO, wannabe chef, jester

Nick Oliveri

Nick Oliveri

COO, meddling kid, surfs to forget

Dr. Matthew Philips

Dr. Matthew Philips

CPO, resident neurosurgeon, company dad

Off the Grid

Who Are We?

We’re a bunch of 20-somethings and one doctor bent on making cool things for an even cooler planet. We believe in science, say caramel not caramel, and on Wednesdays we wear pink.

Why Did We Start This?

Our planet needs help. Unfortunately, big corporations are refusing to adopt sustainable practices, especially with single-use products. This means that even if we consumers want to make sustainable purchases, we often can’t, because the sustainable alternatives we’re looking for simply don’t exist.

Haven't Others Tried?

All too often, the few sustainable products that do exist force us to compromise on quality, convenience, or price. For example, just think about the paper straw. We were stoked to see an alternative to plastic straws, but not surprised when it failed to replace them. They were hard to use, sogginess just didn’t cut it.

What Did We Learn?

Paper straws taught us that compromises could not exist if we wanted a solution to be adopted at scale. So, we decided to build a company that makes sustainability easy. Like actually easy. Like don’t-even-notice-it easy. Some would say, seamless.

So What Did We Make?

We decided to start this journey by making everyday snacking sustainable. Why? We personally eat a ridiculous amount of snacks, and realized how much waste this snacking was creating. Over 1 billion single-use snacks are eaten and discarded every single day, and while undeniably tasty, this creates an enormous waste pileup directly harming the spaceship we all call home.

How Will This Work?

After conducting endless research, testing hundreds of concepts, building a rockstar team, and dropping out of school, we finally have a snack that can actually change the world. It can also satisfy the pickiest of eaters. Woah, isn’t that a bold claim? You bet it is, but we’ve got the goods to prove it. Our dessert-fueled flavor bombs use compostable packaging instead of plastic, plants instead of animals, and reclaim 250% more carbon emissions than they create. This is what change tastes like,

You With Us?

Ready to Indulge in Change?